"Shadows And Traces" by Krista McCurdy

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This cyanotype was the result of pure magic. Somehow all the components of my non traditional method created the most striking cyanotype I have ever made. The colors and textures bring the botanical image to life, placing it in a softly intricate landscape. I use photographs from nature to create my image, enlarge and simplify it with design software, which I print on a transparency and use that for my negative. Both that process and the nature of the printing process, no image will have clear precise lines, and the softly blurred edges and any slight pixelated accent are a deliberate action, and present in the original print.

The cyanotype process, an alternative photography process that can be created outside the
darkroom, was created by John Herschel in the 1800's. An astronomer, he was looking for a wayto duplicate his notes on the subject. The method he landed on, which also goes by the name theblueprint process, used hyposulfite of soda and iron salts, and resulted in a white image on a deep blue background...the blueprint. Architect's blueprints in the past were made using this method.