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"parroting" by Liz Innvar

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Dimensions: 22"x30"

Original artwork by Liz Innvar

This piece is a paper collage on white heavy watercolor paper.  The papers are sume or rice papers that I painted with gouache and coated with a polymer resin.  Once I am satisfied with the overall composition, I hot iron all the papers together so they fuse. The edges of the composition are uneven here and that's by design-  I like playing with the edges of the composition and how it relates to the entire piece of paper.   If you look closely you make pick out two abstract bird forms flying side by side.  One of my favorite artists is Georges Braque.  In addition to inventing cubisim, he also invented modern day collage.  I also love textile designs and folk art images from Scandinavia so you may see some influence of these ideas here too.  Thanks for taking a look!