"Jungle" by Krista McCurdy

  • $28.00

"Jungle" is named so because the botanical shapes and colors all layer together to create that dense feeling of living foliage that surrounds you when in a tropical forest. The original of this cyanotype was made on very textured thick paper which amplified the colors that appeared with my technique.

I use photographs from nature to create my image, enlarge and simplify it with design software, which I print on a transparency to use as my negative for the contact print.. Both that process and the nature of the printing process, no image will have clear precise lines, and the softly blurred edges and any slight pixelated accent are a deliberate action, and present in the original piece.

Cyanotype printing is an alternative photography process that uses sunlight to expose the image. I developed a way of taking the traditional cyanotype process and altering the process so that instead of a normal blue and white print, I could get varied shades of blue, green, sometimes even yellow creeps in. Instead of the end goal of a very tidy and neat blue and white cyanotype, the end goal is a unique, completely imperfect print.