"Escape" by Tal Paz-Fridman | Limited Edition Fine Art Print series of 10"

  • $160.00

I saw a passenger jet leaving condensation trails in the sky overhead. It seemed so high and far, I imagined it was actually leaving the atmosphere and escaping planet Earth. I took a few shots of the jet, with the clouds intentionally dominating the frame, closing on the plane, creating an even stronger illusion of its relative size and distance. I then post-processed the image to match what I visualized when I took it: a post-apocalyptic environment where only a few managed to escape the plant, leaving the rest of us here.




Each print comes with a hand signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.


Each certificate is printed on a branded Hahnemühle watermarked paper. The paper has deckled edges with UV-Security fibers and is comprised of two hologram stickers with unique serial numbers - one goes on the certificate and the other on the back of the print.


Each print also includes an outer white border, with the image name, copy number, and a printed signature.


If you are interested in additional details about the image, you are welcome to contact me through the site.


You can also contact me if you have specific requests such as the printing process (Giclée or C-type), paper type, print size etc.

Printing and Handling:

Each fine art print is produced under careful supervision, to the highest standard, on archival stock using pigment inks. Prints are made on the finest Hahnemühle papers, including Photo Rag Ultra Smooth, Photo Rag Bright White, and Photo Rag FineArt Baryta.

Hahnemühle papers are highly regarded as the pre-eminent media for limited edition fine art prints and are printed in a professional studio, ensuring consistency and exceptional quality for every print.

When shipping prints, the most robust method available for the size & quantity of prints will be used. Where possible, the prints will be sent out flat. Print packages will always be protected for transit.

Giclée and C-type Printing:


C-type prints are printed using a laser process and produce a high-resolution image with great color depth. Giclée prints are printed using an ink jet process on a wide range of papers suitable for fine art prints. The Giclée process offers less color depth than C-type prints, however, the texture of the paper gives the print a fine art appearance. Each Giclée fine art print is produced under careful supervision and to the highest standard.