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"Canary Mountain" by Liz Innvar

  • $1,540.00


Original artwork by Liz Innvar

This original work is a paper collage on a paper ground. The ground paper is a buff color- not white.  The papers are painted with gouache paint and then sealed with a matte polymer resin.  When I'm arranging the composition (which in this case took almost a month!)  I take pictures along the way of my progress-  this enables be to spot problems in the balance or color value of the entire piece. The edges of the composition are uneven or irregular and that's by design.  I like playing with the edges of a piece and relating these lines to the entire piece of paper.  When I'm satisfied with the overall composition,  I hot iron all the papers together so they fuse.  full disclosure: in this original piece there are a few small splotches of paint along the very edges of the paper (not in the collage!).  Some people like to "float" the piece rather than mat when framing.  I personally like the float look as you can see the edges of the composition better- but up to the buyer.  These oranges and pinks were in response to a very long winter in the northeast.  I needed color in my life and this was the result... Thanks for taking a look!