Letter from the Founder


To the Inspired,

After a 6-year career as a buyer, mostly in the E-commerce space, I quit my corporate job to create something bigger than myself. I loved my job, and I loved being a buyer, but it had been my dream to build a company that adds value to the world since I was a teenager.

During my formative years, I spent hundreds of hours in the art studio. I started my academic career at the Rhode Island School of Design before swinging the pendulum to the other extreme and graduating from Babson College, a business school, with a degree in Entrepreneurship. The truth is, I think it is all related: art, Entrepreneurship, the drive to create. Everything has come full circle for me in PoppyLy.

At PoppyLy, our primary purpose is to make art accessible. Our highest aim is to foster direct connection between those who love art and those who create it through technology but also community.

We all crave connection to combat the daily grind of the human experience, and we hope you find that in our art and community. If you do, like us, love us, reach out, give us a high five or a smile. We want to connect with you.


Live passionately,

Jamie C. Berlin

Founder, PoppyLy