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Hannah Marks, Curator for PoppyLy

Welcome to PoppyLy’s Editorial! Here we’ll be spotlighting artworks we love, and artists to look out for, both locally, nationwide, and beyond. We’ll also be covering exciting ongoings in the art world, from auction previews and their outcomes, to gallery exhibitions, art fairs, and rising trends. But first, as a new addition to the PoppyLy team, let me introduce myself.

I’ve recently moved to Boston- where I luckily came to meet our lovely founder, Jamie- after spending the past five years in the UK. My time abroad began in 2012, when I enrolled in Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London to learn not just art history, but the precise science behind dealing and selling art. There I fell in love with the auction industry, which led me to apply to the institute branch of Sotheby’s fiercest and most historic rival: Christie’s. Pursuing my degree at Christie’s gave me the unique opportunity to thoroughly understand artworks in their own right, in addition to how these same objects come to and move within the marketplace- a combination I believe to be incredibly important in this business. During these years, I also spent time working at the Christie’s London headquarters in their Old Masters department, where I was able to put everything I had been taught in the lecture room into practice in the auction room.

Christie’s Education is accredited through the University of Glasgow, so, after three years in London, it was time to say goodbye and (somewhat reluctantly, I mistakenly felt at the time) move to Scotland to complete my M.A. in Art History and Art World Practice. Alongside my studies, and attempting to master my understanding of the Glaswegian accent (I never did), I was an avid researcher and writer: I am a published author in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, I wrote archival reports for the famed Glasgow Art Club, and produced comprehensive market analyses for art publications. I also became very involved in the UK art scene, and have networked extensively with burgeoning street artists, many of whom we will be featuring on PoppyLy!

Since relocating, I’ve continued to further my experience in the secondary market, and frequently assist Boston-based auctioneers Grogan & Company in their sales. While auctions and Old Masters will always be my first and true loves, I am so excited to expand into the primary art market at PoppyLy. While we seek to offer the most exciting, accessible artists to a new generation of buyers and collectors, I also hope to use this space to shine a light on the inner workings of and ongoings within the art market. We understand that buying art online can be a great exercise in consumer trust, and we want to gain yours by not only showcasing works we truly love, but also by being transparent, informative, and unbiased in our coverage of the art world. All of which is to say: welcome, and we’re so glad to have you here!

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